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1 Roman Catholic Diocese of Austin Most Rev. Joe S. Vasquez, Bishop Church of the Visitation Catholic Church 144 CR 3000, Lo, TX Clergy Pastor Rev. Darrell Kostiha Deacons Charlie Wright Bill Smetana Julian Tyboroski Office Hours Tuesday, 9:00 2: Mass Times Weekend Saturdays, 6:00pm (in RE Bldg) Sundays, 8:00am (in Parish Hall) Sundays, 11:00am (St. Matthew, Rogers) Weekday (in RE Bldg) Tuesdays, 8:00am Wednesdays, 8:00am Thursdays, 8:00am Fridays, 8:00am Confessions Prior to weekend Masses Adoration Tuesdays, 6:30pm 3 rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Sunday of the Word of God January 23, 2022


3 Ministry Schedule Saturday, January 22, :00pm Ushers... Mike Heise, Michael Heise Altar Servers... Colton Ranly, Cade Ranly, Wylie Stojanik, Maverick Cannon Rosary Leaders... Carl & Mary Jane Hubik Lector... Collin Rabroker EMHC... Kerri Meier Church Cleaners..Vonnie Green, Jet Kleypas, Tammy Ryan, Jill Williams Sunday, January 23, :00am Ushers... Gary Frei, Jonathan Frei Altar Servers...Luke Price, Carter Kleypas, Tamryn Stock, Jase Fikes Rosary Leaders... Chris & Peggy Hrabal Lector... Renae Willberg Gift Bearers...Ryan & Alicia Fikes EMHC... Janet Loden Money Counters...Terry & Tammie Frenzel, Junior & Belinda Hering Vocation Cross... Charles & Cindy Moeller Saturday, January 29, :00pm Ushers... Joseph Doskocil, Mark Hoelscher Altar Servers...Luke Price, Carter Kleypas, Tamryn Stock, Jase Fikes Rosary Leaders... Carl & Mary Jane Hubik Lector...Mary Jane Hubik EMHC... Mark Bartek Church Cleaners..Vonnie Green, Jet Kleypas, Tammy Ryan, Jill Williams Sunday, January 30, :00am Ushers... Gary Ketterman, Bradley Rudloff Altar Servers... Georgia Tusa, Charlie Tusa, Grant Meyer, Aubrey Meyer Rosary Leaders... Chris & Peggy Hrabal Lector... Shawna Ranly Gift Bearers... Doug & Jenny Frei EMHC... Kayla Skala Money Counters....Jerry & Darlene Fikes, Gary & Bernadette Ketterman Vocation Cross... Janet Wilde Note: If you are unable to participate in Mass as assigned, please arrange for a substitute. Just so you know... All announcements, pamphlets, brochures, or communications, to be put on the table in back of church, must go through the parish office to be approved by Fr. Darrell. Mass Intentions Schedule Saturday, January 22, :00pm Living & Deceased Members of Altar Society Sunday, January 23, :00am Bishop Joe Vasquez Ordination Anniversary Parishioners Tuesday, January 25, :00am Jimmy Thornton Buddy Hering Wednesday, January 26, :00am Alois Fuchs Massengill Family Thursday, January 27, :00am Herbert & Helen Hoelscher Mike & Marie Schilling Family Friday, January 28, :00am Evelyn Zeig Herbert F & Helen W Hoelscher Saturday, January 29, :00pm ProLife Sunday, January 30, :00am Parishioners Note: If you would like to request a Mass intention for a special intent or for a love one, please drop off or mail the request to the church office. Sanctuary Candle If you would like to sponsor the Sanctuary Candle for a month in honor or memory of a loved one, please send 25 with the name to the rectory. Your donation will be used to pay for the candles. Adoration and Benediction of Blessed Sacrament each Tuesday, 6:30pm, RE Bldg Our Sanctuary Candle Is burning In loving memory of Leonard, Margaret, & Bede Hoelscher Pray For Our Sick Jeff Bernsen Helen F. Hoelscher To be added to the prayer list please contact us at: or call the office at Names will be listed four weeks.

4 Announcements Today s Events HS religion class, after Mass. Open House, Holy Trinity Catholic High School, 11am 1pm. BBQ pork meal, 11am 1pm, Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Corn Hill, $12. Will benefit the Holy Trinity Cemetery Fund. Upcoming Meetings/Events Jan 25, Tues, 6:30pm, Adoration & Benediction, RE Bldg. Jan 26, Wed, 6:00pm, Youth Group. Jan 26, Wed, 6:30pm, K-8 Rel Ed Classes. Jan 29, Sat, 9:00am, RCIA class. Jan 30, Sun, 9:15am, HS Rel Ed Class. Upcoming Events Surrounding Areas Jan 28, Fri, Celtic for a Day, Holy Trinity Catholic High School. Spend the day, meet faculty & students, have lunch. RSVP at tinyurl.com/htinvite. Jan 29, Sat, KC Free Throw Competition, 8am, Westphalia ISD gym. Jan 30-Feb 4, Fr. Darrell on retreat. No daily masses or adoration during that week. Feb 19, Sat, 7:30am, Catholic Men s Conference, San Jose Catholic Church, Austin. Visit centexcatholic.com to register/info. For bus reservation call Mike Kelly at Feb 19, Sat, 6pm, Holy Trinity Gala. RSVP at Apr 25-May 5, Holy Land Pilgrimage. Contact Deacon Jerry Klement at Thy will, Lord! What is the Word of God? We often identify the Bible as the Word of God. This is not wrong, but God speaks to our hearts in many different ways. For instance, he speaks to us in prayer and through our conscience, and often through other people. Hence, the Word of God covers much more than a printed book. Nevertheless, the Bible is the privileged collection of communications between God and his people. These stories and poems have nourished the lives of the people of Israel and the Christian Church right through the centuries, and they continue to nourish us today. They tell the story of God s love and our salvation from ancient times onwards. The scriptural texts offer us both challenge and encouragement for our lives, and are especially valuable to us through the hope they offer us at dark moments. January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month Please remember victims and or potential victims of Human Trafficking in prayer. The hotline number for reporting is You can also TEXT "HELP" to BEFREE (233733) or report on the Online Human Trafficking Hotline. KofC Youth Free Throw Competition All boys and girls ages 9 to 14 are invited to participate in the 2022 Knights of Columbus Free Throw Competition, which will be held Saturday, January 29, 2022 at 8:00 am, in the Westphalia ISD gym. The K of C Free Throw Competition is sponsored annually, with winners progressing through local, district, and state competitions. International champions are announced by the K of C international headquarters based on scores from the state-level competitions. All boys and girls 9 to 14 years old are eligible to participate and will compete in their respective age divisions. Last year more than 120,000 sharpshooters participated in over 3,600 local competitions. All contestants on the local level are recognized for their participation in the event. Participants are required to furnish proof of age and written parental consent. For entry forms or additional information contact Randy Lorenz at The Knights of Columbus is an international Catholic family fraternal service organization with over 1.8 million members in 15,000 local councils. Last year, Knights donated over 70 million volunteer hours and $170 million to charitable and benevolent causes, sponsoring projects to benefit their church, councils, communities, culture of life, families and youth.

5 Parish Directory Parish Councils Pastoral... Jerry Loden Finance...James Kahlig Liturgy... Connie Petru Ministries Altar Servers... Kayla Skala Altar Society... Courtney Wilde Bereavement Meals... Sylvia Heise Bulletin... Parish Office Choir... Valerie Gausemeier EMHC... Connie Petru Historical Society... Doris Voltin Knights of Columbus. Dave Alexander Lectors... Shawna Ranly Money Counters... Rita Kleypas Parish Hall... Kenneth Jezisek RCIA... Geraldine Kahlig Catherine Kahlig Religious Education.. Elizabeth Cannon Rosary Leaders... Geraldine Kahlig St. Mary s Cemetery.. Marilyn Rudloff Ushers... Joseph Doskocil Vocations Cross... Kay Rabroker Youth Ministry... Katie Wilde Website... Renae Willberg Note: If you are interested in joining any ministry, call the contact above or church office. You must be EIM certified to participate. Stewardship 01/16/2022 Collection 1,577 Give a fruitful return for the gifts He has given you. Thanks for your continued generosity & faithful stewardship! Visit formed.org and grow your faith! St. Thomas Aquinas Feast Day is January 28 Give Us, O Lord Give us, O Lord, a steadfast heart, Which no unworthy affection may drag downwards; Give us an unconquered heart, Which no tribulation can wear out; Give us an upright heart, Which no unworthy purpose may tempt aside. Bestow upon us also, O Lord our God, Understanding to know you, Diligence to seek you, Wisdom to find you, and a Faithfulness that may finally embrace you; Through Jesus Christ our Lord. -St. Thomas Aquinas Sacraments Baptism Parents should contact the church office to initiate a request for baptism. Parents and sponsors must attend a baptismal preparation session and all paperwork and requirements must be reviewed and approved by Fr. Darrell. Reconciliation Confessions are held before weekend Masses. If it is not possible for you to attend during those times, please call the church office for an appointment with Fr. Darrell. Weddings Contact the parish office six months prior to desired date to meet with Fr. Darrell to start the marriage process. Do not make reservations until your initial meeting with Fr. Darrell. Anointing of the Sick The sacrament of the sick is offered to anyone who is in need of healing. Please notify us as soon as surgery, hospitalization, or serious injury occurs. REBUILDING UPDATE: From the last update in the bulletin a couple of weeks ago Keith stated that the erection process would be as follows and that is the plan: For the truss replacement we will not be using a conventional style of truss erection. It will be a much slower and less efficient process erecting the trusses in small sections so that they can have most all the finalized structural elements needed with each section that is able to be completed in a day at a time. K-4 s builder insurance declared the cause a wind event and K-4 has submitted their report on what needs replaced. The structural engineer returned to the site after the trusses were cleaned out and inspected everything once again and did not find any other issues other than those already addressed. All the LVL beams that needed to be replaced have been ordered and expected delivery is January 28th. Chris, from Longhorn truss, is hoping to get us back into his schedule by February 7th. 3-4 days to make trusses. No definite timeline on the steel yet, but could be a couple of weeks. All the anchor bolts have been cleaned and are planned for reuse as preferred by the structural engineer. Next week, K4 will continue to move forward with final clean-up items and exterior wall framing.


7 Understanding the Bible The Bible is all around us. People hear Scripture readings in church. We have Good Samaritan (Luke 10) laws, welcome home the Prodigal Son (Luke 15), and look for the Promised Land (Exodus 3, Hebrews 11). Some biblical passages have become popular maxims, such as "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you (Matthew 7:12)," "Thou shalt not steal (Exodus 20:15), and "love thy neighbor" (Matthew 22:39). Today's Catholic is called to take an intelligent, spiritual approach to the bible. Listed here are 10 points for fruitful Scripture reading. 1. Bible reading is for Catholics. The Church encourages Catholics to make reading the Bible part of their daily prayer lives. Reading these inspired words, people grow deeper in their relationship with God and come to understand their place in the community God has called them to in himself. 2. Prayer is the beginning and the end. Reading the Bible is not like reading a novel or a history book. It should begin with a prayer asking the Holy Spirit to open our hearts and minds to the Word of God. Scripture reading should end with a prayer that this Word will bear fruit in our lives, helping us to become holier and more faithful people. 3. Get the whole story! When selecting a Bible, look for a Catholic edition. A Catholic edition will include the Church's complete list of sacred books along with introductions and notes for understanding the text. A Catholic edition will have an imprimatur notice on the back of the title page. An imprimatur indicates that the book is free of errors in Catholic doctrine. 4. The Bible isn't a book. It's a library. The Bible is a collection of 73 books written over the course of many centuries. The books include royal history, prophecy, poetry, challenging letters to struggling new faith communities, and believers' accounts of the preaching and passion of Jesus. Knowing the genre of the book you are reading will help you understand the literary tools the author is using and the meaning the author is trying to convey. 5. Know what the Bible is and what it isn't. The Bible is the story of God's relationship with the people he has called to himself. It is not intended to be read as history text, a science book, or a political manifesto. In the Bible, God teaches us the truths that we need for the sake of our salvation. 6. The sum is greater than the parts. Read the Bible in context. What happens before and after even in other books helps us to understand the true meaning of the text. 7. The Old relates to the New. The Old Testament and the New Testament shed light on each other. While we read the Old Testament in light of the death and resurrection of Jesus, it has its own value as well. Together, these testaments help us to understand God's plan for human beings. 8. You do not read alone. By reading and reflecting on Sacred Scripture, Catholics join those faithful men and women who have taken God's Word to heart and put it into practice in their lives. We read the Bible within the tradition of the Church to benefit from the holiness and wisdom of all the faithful. 9. What is God saying to me? The Bible is not addressed only to long-dead people in a faraway land. It is addressed to each of us in our own unique situations. When we read, we need to understand what the text says and how the faithful have understood its meaning in the past. In light of this understanding, we then ask: What is God saying to me? 10. Reading isn't enough. If Scripture remains just words on a page, our work is not done. We need to meditate on the message and put it into action in our lives. Only then can the word be "living and effective."(hebrews 4:12). Wanted: Someone to maintain our parish website. If you are interested, please call the parish office at To receive a bulletin via each week, visit churchofthevisitation.org and subscribe! Your support is sincerely appreciated! Remembering the Past Looking forward to the Future Larry James & Pauline Hoelscher Families Remember Our Parish Veterans Ron & Sandra Gottschalk Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:11

8 In Loving Memory Lt. Col. Raymond Roessler Utility Contracting State Hwy 53 Temple, TX Supporting our parish... Elmer & Geraldine Hoelscher Family our faith can move mountains MaĴhew 17:20 Please patronize and thank the businesses that, through their generosity, have made the printing of this bulletin possible. AG INSURANCE Dawson Hering, Agent Advertise here! Cell / Off Supporting The Church of the Visitation Psalm 121 Janet Wilde & Family Kind words can be short, but their echoes are endless. 㻌 - In God We Trust - Deacon Bill & Carol Smetana Advertise here! Saint Teresa of Calcutta Raymond and Nancy Doskocil In Memory of Buddy Hering By Frances Hering & Family