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1 1 OPENIN ANARE NB All Sog Numers relate to the Track Numers o the 1 Piao c c afare Mediaeval ƒ.. Í J J J Ë Ë Ë J J Ë Ë Ë ä Ï ^ ^ ^ ^ J ^ 2 ANARE 2 E: [Narr 1]...each victory till da. afare Mediaeval. c ƒ c... Í Ï ^ ^ ^ J 3 ANARE 3 E: [Narr 2]...the tackle from ehid as aught. afare Mediaeval c c f. Ï. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Musiclie Pulicatios Ltd

2 4 SORE! E: [Narrators] The you're a truered footall fa, my so! 2 ootall March Tempo h ƒ B B /A. = 115 m7 75/ B / 9/E 7 B 5 B B /A. m7 m/ /E 7/E. 9 B B /A. m7 B 7/ E 7 m /E 7 B *1620 [*NB Error i Vocal Score Bar No, icorporated i Bad Parts] Musiclie Pulicatios Ltd

3 Hadclaps All shout i ted! i ted! horus 28 A B B /A. p! up!. m7 B / i ted! You're E sim ply the est. 32 B B /A. p! up!. m7 m7/ i ted! You're 7/E ay a ove the rest. 36 B B /A. Whe ther at. m7 B / home, or E A m7/ 7 o some fo reig m shore, ẇ dim

4 4 40 B / B up! up! i ted, ad 44 B B B /A. The heerleaders [PomPom irls] Eter m7 75/ B / 9/ 7/A B B dim B dim 7 A B 56 heerleaders To, four, six, eight, ho's the team that's real ly great All 60 Ra! ra! ra! i ted! Yeah!. m7 m7. Soo from the. tu el they'll ap. pear.. f.

5 64 E. 7/ 5 68 Whe they do.. give them a cheer! f uky The Team appear Ï ootallers Well, you ca f B Still uky. score o the B ma7 pitch, B 7 ad E score off it 79 B / 7/ too, he your B B /A fe male m7 fas. m7/ come 9/E pitch i' i for..

6 83 6 you. Yes, the B B ma7. mo ey is B 7 great, ut E fame meas so much 87 E dim B / 7 B 91 more, so take aim, shoot, = 100 ad ƒ March agai B B /A. m7 7 B m6/a 95 7 / ootallers Well, m/ you B/ ca E The Rest Sloer h. p! up! ootallers. f score o the 7 i ted! pitch, You're ad

7 7 99 /E 7/ poco a poco accel /B. A m7 A m/ sim ply the est. p! up! i ted! You're score off it too, he your fe male fas come 103 A m/ 7/ ay a ove the rest. A m7 7/B poco a poco accel /B. [115] Whe ther at A m7 7 home, or pitch i' i for you. Yes, the. mo ey is great, ut dim / 107 Tempo 1mo o some fo reig shore, up! up! i ted, ad fame meas so much more, so take aim, shoot, ad Tempo 1mo

8 8 111 /B A m7 A m/ dim. cresc... ƒ So take / All shout up! up! aim, cresc ited, ad shoot, ad Ï Score! All shout Score! ä ä

9 5 SORE! PlayOff 9 Piao Po. Same March Tempo. ƒ.. 5 E: Exeut Maagers ommetator A The Rest. /A p! up! ootallers. score o the [115] /B... 7 /A i ted! pitch, You're ad sim ply the score off it ootallers / m/ B/ Well. you ca est. too, he your 9 The Rest /B. A m7 A m/ A m/ 7/ A m7 7/B p! up! ootallers fe male i ted! fas You're come ay a ove the pitch i' i for rest. you. Yes, the Po. Musiclie Pulicatios Ltd

10 10 13 The Rest /B. A m7 7/ dim Whe ther at ootallers. mo ey is home, great, or ut o some fo reig fame meas so much shore, more, so take Po. 17 / The Rest up! up! ootallers i ted, ad Po. aim, Ï shoot, ad

11 6 THE LOVE B E: [Beatrice] Oh, I as cured log ago. 11 Piao Steady Rock c ƒ c q = 135 / / / A Po. 4 7 Beatrice Well, J Am/ I've ee it te y the Love Bug, ad I'm.. Po. 7 horus cured. Bit te y the f Hero Love Bug! Well,. A m7/ Em I've ot ee it te yet, Po guess I'm ot i horus sured! Bit te y the Love. Bug! Musiclie Pulicatios Ltd

12 12 13 Beatrice J Whe the LoveBug ites you're go a eed some pro sus tec tio. J r Po horus 7 A7 Hero Bitte y the Love Bug! 16 r The ho come ev 'ry oe ats to catch the i Po... 7 /E dim 7/ Am7/ Beatrice Po. 19 fec tio. o't get it te y it. + Am7/ E m B m6/e horus. Hero horus. Beatrice Po. 22 Oh,.... No! What if I'm smit te y it Wo! o! It's a..

13 A m dim Hero All pai ful dis ease. Yes. please! Bit te y the Love Bug! Po. Po. Po P Maurice Leoard Oo edoo, e f Bop, shoo a, sha la, la, la, la, la, la, la. Whe B Leoard doo e doo e doo e doo. Am7/ I as youg, I had the 34 Love Bug. Where did it horus go Blame it o the Maurice Love Bug! Ad Po...

14 14 Am7/ E m 11 horus Po. 37 I as a real hot guy, ut o my fire urs lo. Shame a out the Beatrice Hero J 40 Love Bug! ot o ap pe tite, you ust get thi er ad Po.... sus horus 7 A7 Leoard Maurice 43 thi er. J r Bit te y the Love Bug! r If e ere giv e the choice, Po /E dim 7/ 46 e'd ra ther have a hot di er! Po..